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To maintain a healthy climate in your living environment, it is advised to change air conditioning filters on time. This ensures fresh air in your living environment and is also beneficial for your energy consumption!

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Cleaning and/or replacing air filters on time ensures that air conditioning works optimally: after all, the air conditioner needs to be able to suck in and purify air to do its job. Clogged and dirty filters can cause problems with your air conditioning. Clogged air filters, for example, can be the reason why the air conditioning stops blowing. Air conditioning air filters also filter out pollen and other contaminants from the incoming air. Not for nothing is air conditioning an ideal way of ventilation for people with hay fever; the air conditioner stops pollen and provides adequate ventilation.

Cleaning your air conditioning system

The air conditioning system is not only checked but also cleaned during maintenance. Air conditioning cleaning is necessary to ensure that the system can function optimally as well as to guarantee air quality.

Cleaning the drip tray and evaporator

Bacteria and mould can develop in the air conditioner if it is not regularly maintained. Cleaning the drip tray and evaporator prevents these problems. We clean the drip tray using biological cleaning agents.

Poorly maintained air conditioners can also cause annoying complaints, such as colds, sore throats, irritated airways, watery eyes and a flu-like feeling. This is partly due to the bacteria in the drip tray.

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