Filter box, air handling units and filters (37)

Here you will find various filter boxes, Air handling units, available with bag filters, panel filters or carbon filters


Filter box, air handling units and filters

HQ-Filters: The solution for clean air

For optimal air quality

At HQ-Filters, we understand the importance of clean air. Whether in an office, restaurant or hospital, proper ventilation and filtration are essential for healthy and safe indoor air quality. We offer a wide range of high-quality filter boxes, air handling units and mobile fan and filter units to meet all your needs.

Filter boxes - the first step towards cleaner air

Our filter boxes are designed to remove dust, pollen, bacteria and other pollutants from indoor air. We offer different sizes and types, so you can always find the right filter box to suit your specific space and requirements. Whether you are at home or working in an office, our filter boxes ensure that you can enjoy fresh and clean air.

Air handling units - the total package for perfect air quality

For larger spaces such as commercial buildings or hospitals, HQ Filters also offers air handling units. Our professional systems combine filtration with temperature and humidity control for a fully optimised indoor environment. With our air handling unit, you are guaranteed clean, high-quality air wherever you are.

Mobile fan and filter units - breathe clean air wherever you are

With our mobile fan and filter units, you can always enjoy fresh air, even when you are on the move. These portable units are ideal for use in vehicles, construction sites or other locations where permanent filtration systems are not available. They provide efficient filtration of ambient air, helping to ensure the health and safety of employees.

Get the best out of your indoor environment with HQ Filters

At HQ-Filters, we strive for perfection in air purification. Our products are carefully designed and manufactured using advanced technologies to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. Whether you need a smaller filter box, a complete air handling unit or a mobile filter unit, HQ-Filters has the solution for your specific situation.

By investing in our range, you can reduce pollutants and improve air quality in any room. Your employees will benefit from a healthier working environment, while guests will feel comfortable in your premises. Clean air is essential for well-being, concentration and performance - let HQ Filters help you meet this.

Take action for clean air

Want to invest in products that take air quality to the next level? Visit our website and discover our extensive range of filter boxes, air handling units and mobile fan and filter units. At HQ Filters, we offer high-quality solutions that are not only effective, but also durable and reliable.

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